Ornaments for your Modern Hope Chest

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Traditionally, hope chests have been a way to prepare our loved ones for the future by setting aside items we believe would benefit them in their new path as a homeowner or a married couple. Common objects that were saved for these purposes have been kitchenware, blankets and sheets, family heirlooms, pictures and awards. While in the past, women typically used hope chests for their daughter’s future married life, today we can be more creative with what goes into a hope chest, as well as what purpose the collection is for. A great modern use for a hope chest is to nicely store and collect ornaments for your child or grandchild’s future Christmas tree!

The term hope chest relates to the idea of hope in a marriage and usually contains personal items for the receiver to remind them of home. A good way of starting a hope chest is to think in simple terms. Who is it for? What is it for? What items will go into it? If it is too difficult or burdensome to obtain a true wooden hope chest, perhaps a decorated shoe box or storage bin could be an alternate container. Remember this is supposed to be fun, creative and meaningful, so it really doesn’t matter where you begin!

At I Love My State, we believe that landmark ornaments are the perfect item to collect and give in a loved one’s hope chest. Different places at different times in our lives can mean so much to us.  It is wonderful to have a memento to remind one of their hometown, the city or state they went to college, where they met, got married, where they have traveled to…

Not only do landmark ornaments help the receiver to remember that place, but they will remember the person who gave it to them. In this way, a special connection is made between the giver and receiver through the components of the hope chest, symbolizing a deeper love between the individuals involved.

Below are some great examples of what to include in your Ornament Hope Chest:

OrnamentArizona Brass OrnamentMaryland OrnamentOrnamentNew Jersey Home OrnamentTexas Boot Cloisonne OrnamentNew York Home OrnamentParis Cloisonne OrnamentWashington D.C. OrnamentWisconsin Ornament







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