The Updated Trend of Patriotic Decorating

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Patriotic Decorating

The Updated Trend of Patriotic Decorating

Your home and parties should reflect the story of your life.  Where you've lived and what makes that place important and unique to you is an interesting part of your story. Patriotic decorating and style continues to be a celebration of America’s Independence and freedom, although that doesn’t mean that our tastes have to stay the same year after year.

This year, try something new! Traditions are fun, so why not create a new tradition of celebrating the USA and our families with gifts and colors that represent what truly means most! Usually memories of a location or moment with friends comes to mind. Perhaps a particular food or phrase triggers that happy memory and we are able to re-live those feelings right now. Pictured below are items from our new State Art Series which features local culture, famous food, folklore, peculiar sayings and popular landmarks. These pillows and kitchen towels help set apart what you love about your state!


If you feel true to the Red, White and Blue, items like this updated, rustic American Flag sign and double-sided pillow can help add some flare to your patriotic decor.

Decorators say you should add a little black in each room.  By adding a black home accent you clarify and enhance all the other colors in the space.  Try it - It Really Works! Our black and white state pillows are fun and add the perfect blend of state pride and style to any room.  For those who like to coordinate - Matching Ornaments, Wall Decor & Magnets are available too!


Decorating should be fun and easy! The Americana trend is perfect for adding casual, country-style elements into our everyday lives. If you’re a generous gift giver, and like traditional, Made in the USA items, these hand-crafted products are perfect for a hostess gift or party favors!

Created especially for by Wes and Allison from Tennessee, the collectibles below are a fun way to show your national and state pride!

Also made in the USA are these beautiful signs made from old barn roofs from Chuck, Heather and their daughter Mimi from Oregon.  State shapes also available.  

Happy 4th of July Season and God Bless America!



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